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Getting an online doctor consultation or booking an online doctor appointment should be convenient, safe, and confidential. All healthcare concerns should only be addressed by certified doctors and experienced medical specialists. Skedoc is the healthcare assistant that provides you with the right information to choose the right specialist for your medical needs.

Getting an online doctor consultation or booking an online doctor appointment should be convenient, safe, and confidential. All healthcare concerns should only be addressed by certified doctors and experienced medical specialists. Skedoc is... Getting an online doctor consultation or booking an online d...Read more

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We have to evaluate by c x-ray PA view, AEC, Blood urea, and Serum creatinine. Accordingly, we evaluate and treat the patient.

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Dr. D S L Anand - General Physician
Dr. D S L Anand

General Physician



Hello... Treatment for alcohol addiction is available... It can be on an outpatient basis or in a patient depending on the condition of the patient. And othe

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Shwetha  Purkanti  - Psychiatrist
Shwetha Purkanti




Hello, certainly there is treatment for Diabetes. It depends on how much sugars are uncontrolled. We would assess your metabolic profile and clinically exami

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Gautam Gorityala  - General Physician
Gautam Gorityala

General Physician



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HbA1c is a laboratory test that is used for the diagnosis and evaluation of diabetes mellitus, both type 1 and 2. When the levels of sugar are high in the blood, the excess sugar binds to hemoglobin through a process called glycation and results in the formation of HbA1c; the HbA1c test measures the amount of this hemoglobin A that is linked to sugar. As the life span of red blood cells that carry hemoglobin is about 120 days, HbA1c test predicts the sugar levels over the past 8-12 weeks, thus providing a measure of how well sugar levels in the body were maintained over the past 2-3 months.....

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Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin - General Physician
Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin

General Physician


How to Prevent Kidney Failure

How to Prevent Kidney Failure

Prevention of kidney disease involves managing blood sugar and blood pressure, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting the use of over-the-counter pain medications, avoiding alcohol, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly. ....

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Dr. Shabana Nazneen - Nephrologist




Meningitis is a condition in which there is an inflammation of the meninges of the brain secondary to an infection of the cerebrospinal fluid. The brain and the spinal cord are covered by three protective layers collectively called Meninges. The outermost layer is called the Dura mater and the innermost layer is called Pia mater. In between these two layers is the Arachnoid mater. A fluid called the Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF) circulates within the brain and the spinal cord. ....

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Dr. Rohit BG - Neurologist
Dr. Rohit BG



9 Symptoms of ADHD You Should Know

9 Symptoms of ADHD You Should Know

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder in which the affected individual suffers from problems of being inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive in their behavior. symptoms can vary greatly from person to person, and there are several different types of ADHD that can present themselves in unique ways.....

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Dr. Shwetha Purkanti - Psychiatrist



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I like reading the medical articles and the questions and answers sections of Skedoc. It helped me understand me better and has helped me deal properly with it

- Abhilash

Booking an appointment with a doctor of your choice is very simple and quick on Skedoc. Their call support is polite, well informed and very efficient.

- Prathyusha

I appreciate that Skedoc recommends the right specialists for a medical condition based on the doctor’s qualification, experience, and relevance to a health condition and not for other reasons.

- Sandhya Reddy

I really like using Skedoc for all my family's medical needs, as it makes it so easy to find the right specialist and book doctor appointment online quickly without any hassle.

- M Praveen Kumar

Thank you Skedoc for being the best online doctor consultation app and for making sure I get medical help any time I need.

- Vaishali Tandle

Skedoc is without a doubt the best place to find certified doctors and consult top doctors online. The information I want is well organized and quick to find.

- Sai Kumar

Whether I want to find a doctor near me, do online doctor booking, or get information about a medical issue, Skedoc is my trusted app.

- Venkat Kamutam

I want to thank Skedoc and its 24/7 helpline for being my support when I was facing a serious health issue and didn’t know what to do.

- Navya

When I look up a doctor on Skedoc, I know I will only find certified doctors. The best part is that I can also consult verified doctors online.

- Ponna Neelima

I didn’t know which doctor to consult for my stomach problem. Then I found Skedoc and immediately found the right specialist to treat me

- Chandana Sruthi

I like using the Skedoc platform as it provides an extensive list of doctors. I can review their credentials and experience before scheduling my consultation.

- S. Srikanth

I am suffering from Tonsillitis and wanted to consult a doctor, other than the fact that I could book an appointment from here, this platform has helped me read and understand my situation better through their articles.

- M. Swapna


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Skedoc believes that consulting the Right Doctor at the beginning will help with the right advice and save time, money, and suffering. Skedoc helps to schedule a doctor appointment online from 30+ specialties and consult verified doctors privately based on your specific medical needs. Skedoc services are free and focused on user requirements and convenience with the only intention of providing access to the best healthcare professionals and services, wherever they are.

Frequently Asked Questions


Skedoc helps you consult a doctor who is relevant for your specific medical condition through the use of advanced algorithms that analyze your search words and recommend the right specialist, who is also close to your search location.


Skedoc is the best online doctor consultation app that offers many benefits to doctors such as beneficial online presence, multipurpose profile, seamless appointment management, zero fees & charges, data security, and much more.


Skedoc is a user friendly app that helps patients find the right specialists based on specialty, medical problem, and location, book doctor appointments, get online doctor consultation, with no additional fees & charges, data security, user profile, and much more


Choosing the right qualified and experienced doctor at the right time is one of the most important things in the treatment of a medical problem, as it helps to identify and properly treat the problem in its early stages without loss of valuable time, effort, and money.


Apart from offering online doctor consultation and doctor appointments, Skedoc also offers a platform where users can post their medical queries directly on the site, and receive experienced doctor responses to their queries. Skedoc also offers a huge database of medical information that is freely accessible.


With Skedoc patients can search for doctors online, get online medical consultation, book doctors appointments, create custom profile, get notified of appointment changes, etc., and for doctors Skedoc is a one stop solution that helps boost digital presence, create and manage appointments with no additional charges, and stay connected with their patients.


When choosing the right specialist, a patient should confirm that a doctor is a certified doctor, with a qualifications in the relevent speciality and also have the relevant experience in treating the medical problem that they are facing, has a positive response score from others, and is accessible without difficulty.


For doctors appointments booking and online medical consultation, registered Skedoc users can either call the Skedoc Helpline 24/7/365 or directly call the doctors appointment booking number listed on the Skedoc website.


Skedoc only lists certified doctors on its website and app, and patients can check the registration number provided on the doctors profile page with relevant medical council or organization websites to confirm the doctors qualification.


Skedoc uses high end encryption and data security so that one can consult with verified doctors online privately and with confidentiality. Patient and doctor information that is entered or saved on the Skedoc website and app.

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skedoc brings you healthcare that is relevant to your specific health needs. We make finding the Right Doctor and the Right Advice extremely easy.

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