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Experience excellence in healthcare at our empaneled hospitals, where advanced technology meets compassionate care

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Select your surgeon confidently with Skedoc, where only verified and skilled doctors are enrolled, offering top-quality care.

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Skedoc allows you to compare surgery packages across hospitals and minimize costs. Receive expert tips on reducing your hospital bill while ensuring quality care

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Yes, Prolactin secreting tumours can be cured with the help of medicines and rarely with surgery. Deficient hormones can be replaced.

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Hi Shashank, Some babies are born with heart problems. These are called congenital heart defects. Mainly there are two types of heart defects- acyanotic and

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Hi Soujanya, first we need to know what is the reason for the hysterectomy?..what is your age?...and whether it is done through laparoscopy or an open proced

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We have to evaluate by c x-ray PA view, AEC, Blood urea, and Serum creatinine. Accordingly, we evaluate and treat the patient.

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I like reading the medical articles and the questions and answers sections of Skedoc. It helped me understand me better and has helped me deal properly with it


Booking an appointment with a doctor of your choice is very simple and quick on Skedoc. Their call support is polite, well informed and very efficient.
Sandhya Reddy

Sandhya Reddy

I appreciate that Skedoc recommends the right specialists for a medical condition based on the doctor’s qualification, experience, and relevance to a health condition and not for other reasons.
M Praveen Kumar

M Praveen Kumar

I really like using Skedoc for all my family's medical needs, as it makes it so easy to find the right specialist and book doctor appointment online quickly without any hassle.
Vaishali Tandle

Vaishali Tandle

Thank you Skedoc for being the best online doctor consultation app and for making sure I get medical help any time I need.
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Sai Kumar

Skedoc is without a doubt the best place to find certified doctors and consult top doctors online. The information I want is well organized and quick to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the power of informed decisions with Skedoc. Skedoc empowers you to choose the most relevant healthcare for your needs. Your health, your choice, simplified with Skedoc.


Skedoc helps you consult a doctor who is relevant for your specific medical condition through the use of advanced algorithms that analyze your search words and recommend the right specialist, who is also close to your search location.


Skedoc is the best online doctor consultation app that offers many benefits to doctors such as beneficial online presence, multipurpose profile, seamless appointment management, zero fees & charges, data security, and much more.


Skedoc is a user friendly app that helps patients find the right specialists based on specialty, medical problem, and location, book doctor appointments, get online doctor consultation, with no additional fees & charges, data security, user profile, and much more


Choosing the right qualified and experienced doctor at the right time is one of the most important things in the treatment of a medical problem, as it helps to identify and properly treat the problem in its early stages without loss of valuable time, effort, and money.


Apart from offering online doctor consultation and doctor appointments, Skedoc also offers a platform where users can post their medical queries directly on the site, and receive experienced doctor responses to their queries. Skedoc also offers a huge database of medical information that is freely accessible.


With Skedoc patients can search for doctors online, get online medical consultation, book doctors appointments, create custom profile, get notified of appointment changes, etc., and for doctors Skedoc is a one stop solution that helps boost digital presence, create and manage appointments with no additional charges, and stay connected with their patients.


When choosing the right specialist, a patient should confirm that a doctor is a certified doctor, with a qualifications in the relevent speciality and also have the relevant experience in treating the medical problem that they are facing, has a positive response score from others, and is accessible without difficulty.


For doctors appointments booking and online medical consultation, registered Skedoc users can either call the Skedoc Helpline 24/7/365 or directly call the doctors appointment booking number listed on the Skedoc website.


Skedoc only lists certified doctors on its website and app, and patients can check the registration number provided on the doctors profile page with relevant medical council or organization websites to confirm the doctors qualification.


Skedoc uses high end encryption and data security so that one can consult with verified doctors online privately and with confidentiality. Patient and doctor information that is entered or saved on the Skedoc website and app.