Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sinha-Cardiologist in Arilova, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sinha

MBBS, MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC, FICA, FSCAI


  • Cardiologist
  • Interventional Cardiologist
  • MBBS - G.S.V.M. Medical College - 1992 - Kanpur Verified Qualification
  • MD - General Medicine - G.S.V.M. Medical College - 1995 - Kanpur Verified Qualification
  • DM - Cardiology - G. B. Pant Hospital - 1999 - Delhi Verified Qualification
  • FACC Verified Qualification
  • FICA Verified Qualification
  • FSCAI Verified Qualification
  • Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Queen's NRI Hospital - Visakhapatnam
  • Consultant Cardiologist Pinnacle Hospitals - Arilova - Currently Working
  • 49899 Andhra Pradesh Medical Council 2003 Verified
Paper Presentations
  • Device Closure in Patients With Left to Right Shunts and Severe Pulmonary Hypertensionlipid Abnormalities in Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • High Speed Rotablaton to Treat Instent Restenosis in Both Branches of Coronary Bifuncaton Stenosis. Gambhir DS, Singh S, Sinha SC, Arora R Indian Heart J. 1997 May- Jun; 49(3): 311-2
  • Elective Stent Implantation After Optimal Debulking for Complex Coronary Lesions : Acute and Midterm Result ; Gambhir DS, Singh S, Sinha SC, Batra R, Midha K, Sudha R, Arora R. Indian Heart J, 1998, May- Jun. 50(3) : 307-12
  • Low Molecular Weight Heparin : Sinha S C; Cardiology Today; 1998, II(4) : 275-84
  • Junctional Naevus : A Case Report & Review of Literature; Sinha S C,A L Chandani, IJCP Vol 5, No. 11, April 1995, 52-54. 9)Two Aspects of Acute Coronary Syndrome- Myocardial Stunning and Ishaemic Preconditioning; Sinha S C, R N Dwivedi; Jour Int Med 1996. Vol 7, No. 1, p 26 , 28
  • Immediate and Follow up Clinical Outcome after Multivessel Coronary Stenting. Gambhir DS, Singh S, Sinha SC, Jain R, Trehan V, Arora R. Indian Heart J. 1997, Jul- Aug; 49(4) : 391 &#226,6
  • High Speed Rotational Atherectomy for Diffuse In-Stent Restenosis : Short and Mid- Term Follow Up Result. Gambhir DS, Singh S, Sinha SC, Kaul UA, Arora R, Indian Heart J 1999, Jan- Feb. : 51(1) : 41-6
  • Diagnosis and Management of Renovascular Hypertension. Sinha S C Cardiology Today, 1998 II (5)
  • Ischaemic Preconditioning Occurrence, Mechanism & Significance: Sinha S C ,R N Tandon: Jour Int Med Vol 6, No. 1, 1994, 2-4
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring; Sinha S C, A L Chandani; Jour Int Med Vol 7, No.2, Apr –Jun 1996. Hypertension in Neurologic Disease : S C Sinha, R N Dwivedi; Indian J. Hypertens Vol. No. 1, 1996, p 49-53
  • Isolated Single Coronary Artery Presenting as Acute Coronary Syndrome: Case Report and Review; Anil K Mahapatro, A Sarat K Patro, Vipperla Sujatha, Sudhir C Sinha; Int J Angiol 2014 Jun;23(2):143-6
  • Percutaneous Transcatheter Closure of Ruptured Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm: Immediate Result and Long-Term Follow-Up; Sudhir Chandra Sinha, MD, DM, FACC, FSCAI1 Vipperla Sujatha, MD, DM, FIC, FSCAI Anil Kumar Mahapatro, MD, DM. International Journal of Angiology, 06/2015; 24(2)
  • AsiaPCR/Singlive 2011, Singapore 1).Mid and Long Term follow-up of a new Atrial Septal Occluder (Cocoon ASO). Sudhir C Sinha, V Sujatha, A K Mahapatro; Indus Hospital, Visakhapatnam, India
  • Trans Catheter Therapeutics (TCT) 2011, San Francisco 1).Follow-Up of Device closure of Secundum Atrial Septal Defect in patients with severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Sudhir C Sinha, V Sujatha, A K Mahapatro; Indus Hospital, Visakhapatnam, India
  • AsiaPCR/Singlive, 2012, Singapore 1)Is female gender a Risk factor for Severe Pulmonary Hypertension in Atrial Septal Defect? Sudhir C Sinha, V Sujatha, A K Mahapatro; Indus Hospital, Visakhapatnam, India 2)Should we recommend pacemaker to this patient? Sudhir C Sinha, V Sujatha, A K Mahapatro; Indus Hospital, Visakhapatnam, India 3)An Unusual cause of pericardial effusion. Sudhir C Sinha, V Sujatha, A K Mahapatro; Indus Hospital, Visakhapatnam, India
  • European Society of Cardiology, 2013, Amsterdam A Prospective Study of Risk Factors for Acute Coronary Syndrome in Indians. Sudhir Chandra Sinha (Poster abstract).Long-term Outcome of Percutaneous Closure of Left-to-Right Shunts in Patients with Systemic or Near Systemic Pulmonary Artery Pressure. Sudhir Chandra Sinha (Poster Abstract)
  • CSI Asia Pacific, 2015, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Long Term Outcome of Closure of Left to Right Shunt With Severe Pulmonary Arterial HypertensionPercutaneous Transcatheter Treatment of Totally Occluded Coarctation Of Aorta: Immediate Result and Long Term Follow Up
  • Association of Physicians of India Conference (APICON): (a)Role of Calcium Channel Blockers and Calmodulin Antagonist in Prevention of Myocardial Stunning (APICON-95). (b)Role of Oxygen free radicals in Ischaemic Heart Disease (APICON-97). (c)Quinine Resistance P. Falciparum Malaria around Kanpur (APICON-97)
  • Comparison of in-Hospital and Follow-up Results of Directional Atherectomy and Stenting for Ostial Lesions of the Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery. DS Gambir, R Sudha, S Singh, R. Jain, S C Sinha, R. Arora. 2). High speed Rotational atherectory for dilatation of long In-stent restenotic lesion in Coronary arteries. DS Gambhir, R Jain R. Batra, Sandeep Singh, S C Sinha, PK Verma, KK Sethi, R Arora.
  • Follow up Result of Debulking with Atherectomy Devices Before Stenting in Coronary Artery Disease. DS Gambhir, S Singh, R. Jain, R. Batra, S C Sinha, R Arora. 4).Calmodulin Antagonists Prevent A Myocardial Stunning A. Lalchandani, S. Singhal, RN Tandon, R Dwivedi, M. Ray, S. Mahabar, S C Sinha
  • Cardiological Society of India, 1998 1).Percutaneous Mitral Commissurotomy using Metallic Valvulotome R. Arora, Sandeep Singh, R. Passy, R. Batra, S C Sinha, M. Nigam, JC Mohan, GS Kalra. 2).Percutaneous Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) by Amplatzer PDA Device Immediate Result, GS Kalra, R Batra, Sandeep Singh, K. Middha, R. Passy, S C Sinha, M Nigam, R Arora.
  • Treatment of Multiple Coronary Lesions by Single Long Stent or Multiple Stents. Immediate and Follow up Results. DS Gambhir, S. Singh, S C Sinha, R. Sudha, S. Bhardwaj, R. Arora. 4).In-Hospital and Mid-term follow up Results after Elective multivessel stenting DS Gambhir, S Singh, S C Sinha, S. Bhardwaj, K Jaishankar, R Arora
  • Does Degree of Revascularization Influence Outcome After Multivessel Coronary Stenting. DS Gambhir, S C Sinha, S Singh, P Shah, K. Midha, R. Arora. 6). Outcome of multivessel coronary stenting in Two vessel compared to three vessel disease. DS Gambhir, S Singh, S C Sinha, R. Batra, MS Reddy, R Arora. 7).Restenosis in long stents: Is it influenced by length of stent or Morphology of Treated lesion. DS Gambhir, S. Singh, R. Batra, S C Sinha, Manoj Kumar, R. Arora.
  • Safety and Feasiability of Closure of Large Patent Ductus Arterious by Amplatzer Septal Occluder- GS Kalra, S C Sinha, R. Arora

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Mudasarlova Road


Arilova, Visakhapatnam

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