Ekbalpur Nursing Home - Kidderpore, Kolkata
Ekbalpur Nursing Home

Ekbalpur Nursing Home - Kidderpore

Multi Speciality Hospital

9 , Ekbalpur

Ibrahim Road

Kidderpore, Kolkata

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 24x7 Emergency

 9 Specialities

 11 Doctors

81 Bed capacity

About Ekbalpur Nursing Home

Ekbalpur Nursing Home (ENH) was established in 1989, and is a tertiary care Hospital that lays its foundation on a ‘Balancing Care…Cost…Comfort’ so that the Healthcare facilities are available to all. Being in the Sector for almost 3 decades now, this 81-bedded Hospital works on a strategy that enables a patient to take utmost advantage of the leading-edge healthcare services at the most affordable prices. The constant upgradation of knowledge bank and modern treatments are available to patients, whether it be a pandemic treatment as SARS CoV-2 Covid to a wide array of elective procedures, diseases and discomforts. Built with a concept of ‘Patient-Care’ ideology, the individual attention to each patient is a major advantage of Ekbalpur Nursing Home.

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Dr. Amitava Dey-Urologist

Dr. Amitava Dey

MBBS, MS, M Ch (Urology)


OP Timings
Mon, Wed
09:00 am - Onwards

Fee: 900

Dr. Arpita Lahiri Ray Chaudhuri-Nephrologist

Dr. Arpita Lahiri Ray Chaudhuri



OP Timings
On Call

Fee: 1000

Dr. Bhagabati Charan Mohanty-Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Bhagabati Charan Mohanty

MBBS, MS, MCh (Neurosurgery)

Neuro Surgeon

OP Timings
On Call

Fee: 1000

Dr. Indrani Dasgupta-Neurologist

Dr. Indrani Dasgupta

MBBS, MD, DM (Neurology)


OP Timings
11:30 am - Onwards

Fee: 1250

Dr. Kalyan Guha-Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Kalyan Guha

MBBS, MS, MRCS (Orthopaedics)

Orthopaedic Surgeon

OP Timings
Tue, Fri
01:00 pm - Onwards

Fee: 800

Dr. Narendra Prasad Bohidar-Gastroenterologist

Dr. Narendra Prasad Bohidar

MBBS, MD, DM (Gastroenterology)


OP Timings
Mon, Fri
08:00 pm - Onwards

Fee: 700

Dr. Samir Saha-Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Samir Saha

MBBS, MS, MCh (Neurosurgery)

Neuro Surgeon

OP Timings
On Call

Fee: 1000

Dr. Souvik Adhikari-Plastic surgeon

Dr. Souvik Adhikari

MBBS, MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery)

Plastic surgeon

OP Timings
On Call

Fee: 1000

Dr. Subhasish Ghosh-Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Subhasish Ghosh

MBBS, MS, MCh (Neurosurgery)

Neuro Surgeon

OP Timings
Mon - Sat
09:30 am - 06:30 pm

Fee: 1000

Dr. Sujata Datta-Gynaecologist

Dr. Sujata Datta



OP Timings
On Call

Fee: 1000

Dr. Sukanta Seth-ENT Surgeon

Dr. Sukanta Seth


ENT Surgeon

Hospital / Clinic Services

  • ENT
  • Diabetes
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Endocrinology


  • ICU
  • Pharmacy
  • Ambulance
  • Diagnostic Lab
  • Operation Theatre
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