Ankura Hospital for Women & Children - Bala Nagar, Hyderabad
Ankura Hospital for Women & Children

Ankura Hospital for Women & Children - Bala Nagar

General Physician / Gynecology / Obstetrics / Paediatrics Hospital

12 - 234, Adarsh Nagar

Opp IDPL Colony

Bala Nagar, Hyderabad

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About Ankura Hospital for Women & Children

Ankura Hospital for Women & Children, Balanagar, stands out as a premier healthcare institution known for its exceptional women's and children's healthcare services. Accredited by NABH certification, the hospital embraces cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art amenities.

Ankura Hospital for Women and Children in Balanagar provides medical and surgical services across various departments, specializing in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Maternity care. Their services cover expert Pregnancy consultations, Preconception checkups, Fetal Medicine and ultrasonography, Labor and delivery, Newborn Care, and Breast Feeding Support, ensuring tailored and comprehensive healthcare solutions for individual needs.

The hospital is well-equipped with Operation Theaters, a Level III NICU & PICU, ventilator-supported ambulances, Personalized Treatment Plans, and Consulting Rooms. It offers round-the-clock Emergency, Critical Care, and Trauma services.

Booking appointments at Ankura Hospital, Balanagar, is a streamlined process designed for convenience. Whether individuals seek routine checkups or specialized treatments, the doctors at the hospital are readily available. Visiting the facility offers an experience of advanced care, compassionate service, and affordability.

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Hospital / Clinic Services

  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatrist
  • Pediatric ENT
  • General Medicine
  • Pediatric Neurology
  • Pediatric Nephrology
  • Pediatric Dermatology
  • Paediatric Orthopaedic
  • Obstetrics / Gynecology
  • Pediatric Endocrinology
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  • ICU
  • PICU
  • NICU
  • Pharmacy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking an appointment with the experienced doctors at Ankura Hospital for Women & Children is easy and convenient. You can effortlessly schedule your appointment online through Skedoc.

Ankura Hospital specializes in a variety of healthcare services tailored for women and children. The dedicated team ensures comprehensive care for every patient, from gynecological treatments, urogynecology, and PCOD management to minimally invasive surgeries, prenatal care, and lactation counseling.

Absolutely. Ankura Hospital has state-of-the-art facilities, including specialized units like NICU and PICU, to handle complex pediatric surgeries. The multi-disciplinary team of pediatric specialists utilizes advanced medical technologies to provide personalized care.

Ankura Hospital has a total bed capacity of 60, accommodating a significant number of patients while focusing on positive clinical outcomes and personalized attention.

At Ankura Hospital, prioritizing a positive and memorable birthing experience for women. The patient-centric approach, marked by empathy and holistic care, ensures that every aspect of childbirth is handled with utmost sensitivity and expertise.

Yes, hygiene is a top priority at Ankura Hospital. The staff maintains a safe and sanitized environment throughout the hospital, following regular cleaning protocols. The commitment to hygiene extends to every area, from consultation rooms to patient wards.

Ankura Hospital offers essential lactation counseling and support services to help new mothers navigate breastfeeding challenges. The expert guidance, education, and emotional support aim to promote successful breastfeeding, enhance bonding, and address any concerns that may arise.

You can find Ankura Hospital at Adarsh Nagar, Opp. IDPL Colony, Balanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500037. Discover more details about the hospital and easily book doctors on Skedoc for accessible healthcare for women and children.